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You’ll Be Thankful You Made These Retirement Decisions

What are you thankful for this holiday season? Family and friends? A few days off work? Perhaps your health? Good fortune in your career? You may have many blessings for which you’re thankful. Many of our blessings and fortunate circumstances are determined by choices we made earlier in life. Your good health may be a […]

Volatility vs. Risk: What’s the Difference and How Do They Impact Your Portfolio?

Volatility and risk. When it comes to investing, those two terms mean the same thing, right? Not exactly. While volatility and risk can both refer to market downturns, they don’t have the exact same meaning. Understanding the difference between volatility and risk can help you make more informed investment decisions and implement the right long-term […]

3 Investing Mistakes That Can Haunt Your Retirement

It’s that time of year again. Halloween is here. It’s time to stock up on candy, carve your pumpkin, and find the perfect costume. Soon, scary movies will be on television and you’ll have little ghouls and goblins showing up at your door for trick-or-treating. This may be the scariest time of the year, but […]

Four Financial Steps to Take Before the End of the Year

Fourth Quarter Planning Checklist It’s hard to believe the year is almost over, but October is already upon us. Soon the holidays will be here and then we will flip the calendar to 2020. These last few months are also your last opportunity to make important financial decisions before the end of the year. It’s […]

3 Affordable Tropical Locations for Your Retirement

Summer has finally arrived. It’s time for sunshine, barbeques and maybe even vacations to the beach. If you’re still working, you may only get one or two weeks a year to escape from the office and enjoy the great weather. However, once you’re retired, you’ll have the time and flexibility to enjoy a beach and […]

3 Steps You Can Take to Minimize Risk

Financial Reset in the 2nd Half of 2019 The year is flying by. It may be hard to believe, but we’re already halfway through 2019. Did you set financial goals at the beginning of the year? If so, how are those goals looking at the halfway point? The good news is you have six more […]

Late on Retirement Planning?

Tips to Jumpstart Your Savings It’s graduation season. Do you have a graduate who finishing up on college? If so, this is a time to celebrate your child’s accomplishment and their entrance into adulthood. It also may be a time to celebrate your new freedom. You have one less dependent in the house and one […]

College Planning vs. Retirement Planning

How the Strategies Differ Another school year is nearly over. If you have kids, you know how fast time flies. One day you’re dropping them off at daycare or sending them to kindergarten. The next thing you know, they’re preparing for college. Blink and you might miss it. If your child is in middle school […]

Do You Have Enough Income to Survive a Rainy Day in Retirement?

Everyone is familiar with the popular saying “April showers bring May flowers.” The arrival of spring also means the arrival of rainy weather. While rainy days are never fun, they signal the end of winter and the coming arrival of blossoming flowers and warmer weather. In retirement you might be able to avoid rainy weather […]

How to Find Hidden Assets in Your Strategy

Remember hunting for Easter eggs as a child? There were few thrills more exciting than racing around the yard or a park to find as many eggs as possible. Your eggs may have contained candy, money or other prizes. As an adult, you may be too old to participate in a traditional Easter egg hunt. […]

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